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  1. Promoting habitat restoration and stewardship in central California since 1998
  2. Engaging community through enhancement and preservation of native landscapes
  3. Providing native habitats educational opportunities for communities & schools



Trust staff and volunteers completed annual stewardship tasks at the Shin Kee Marsh in early February.

Shin Kee is a 144-acre tidal marsh on the eastern fringe of the Delta oriented towards habitat for the giant garter snake (Thamnophis gigas). Trust staff and volunteers opened the tide gates and flushed the remnant non-native aquatic plants from the system and then completed a mid-winter vegetation assessment and found the newly restored tule marsh to be thriving. We also documented large stands of creeping wild rye (Leymus triticoides), Baltic rush (Juncus balticus), and many other native plants.  Signs of both beavers and rivers otters were found surrounding the marsh.  The presence of these animals shows that this newly created marsh is providing important habitat for a variety of delta animals.  

Shin Kee 2015

Shin Kee Marsh, February, 2015. Note large stands of tules in shallow water, optimal habitat for the endangered giant garter snake 


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