The Restoration Trust
95 Linden Street, Suite 3
Oakland, CA 94607

The Restoration Trust is a 501(c)(3) land trust, enabled to acquire and hold easements over land. We believe that easement acquisition
Students visit Shin Kee marsh

and subsequent work with the landowner and local community can be one of the most effective ways to preserve lands that have important natural resources and sensitive species habitats.

Our Board of Directors collectively have more than two centuries of experience in habitat restoration and management, and include well-respected wetland ecologist Phyllis Faber, Dr. Glen Holstein, John Zentner and others. Their experiences and knowledge ensure the Trust excels in its restoration and management projects.

In 2011 the Trust adopted the Land Trust Alliance's (LTA) Standards and Practices, and in 2014 the Trust conducted a self-evaluation against the Standards and Practices. A copy of the self-evaluation can be found here.

The Trust plans to become an LTA certified Land Trust in 2016.

Easement Management Funding

All current and future easement monitoring and management is funded through endowments, which are deposited with The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) pursuant to a 2013 Master Mitigation Agreement between the Trust and NFWF. The use of NFWF to hold endowments reduces administrative and fiscal costs to the Trust; ensures the financial stability of and a safe return on endowments; and provides agency partners assurance that the endowment funds are appropriately managed and dedicated to a specific mitigation property.

Project Example: Shin Kee  

Students stop for a photo at Shin Kee marsh

The Trust currently holds a conservation easement resulting from regulatory mitigation requirements over the 63-acre Shin Kee Marsh. Under the Trust's management, there have been no exceptions to or violations of the Shin Kee easement and the site has witnessed decreased invasive plant cover and increased native plant diversity.

Additionally, the Shin Kee Marsh has provided numerous environmental education and community engagement opportunities. The Trust's Environmental Education Field Guide for 4th grade students is based on the Shin Kee Marsh ecosystem. The Trust has use the Guide to facilitate school group restoration and educational visits, enabling students to gain hands-on educational experiences outside of the classroom at Shin Kee Marsh.

For additional information on the Trust's easement acquisition program please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..