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From front to back: Sam McGonigle, Patsy Dinstell, and Larry ZedakerOn Saturday, November 15, Sanders Ranch community members joined the Sanders Ranch Home Owners Association (HOA) and The Restoration Trust at a hands-on restoration project on a section of stream bank.

Led by a team of biologists, volunteers helped remove non-native plants and plant native sedges and rushes.

The restoration work provides habitat for many native plants and animals, increases plant cover, which reduces erosion and sedimentation, and improves water quality. 

Mike McGonigle and his son Sam were two of the participants. Mike especially liked the planting work and said that the event “… was a great opportunity to meet new neighbors and restore our creek at the same time.”

Mike Dinstell, a HOA Board member and organizer of the restoration project, noted that “The Sanders Ranch Homeowners Association supports restoration of our creeks and we're glad to be able to organize events such as this. It’s also great to get out during a break in the weather and do some planting that will help stabilize creek banks and provide wildlife habitat.”

The project coincides with the completion of the reconstruction of two culverts in the Sanders Ranch creek system. The culverts had been inspected recently and discovered to be on the point of failing. With the assistance of California Department of Fish and Wildlife staff, the HOA was able to receive permits for the work in time to get it done before the winter rains. Stan Roth, head of the Ranch Creeks committee, said that, “we couldn’t have done this important work without the help of CDFW staff”.

The Sanders Ranch HOA and the Trust would like to thank all the volunteers and CDFW staff for their help.  

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