The Restoration Trust
95 Linden Street, Suite 3
Oakland, CA 94607

The Restoration Trust believes that restoring and preserving native habitats within our communities builds stronger neighborhoods while protecting important resources for our children and future generations. The acts of restoration and active stewardship engage neighbors of all ages in the land. The resulting sense of place and connection to these native habitats engages a community and promotes its integration.

The Trust does this work through development of community restoration and stewardship projects, organizing and supplying technical assistance, and providing help with monitoring and feedback. We have technical experts that can provide planting and irrigation design, help with plant selection and installation, and advise a community on likely stewardship needs.

A typical project will see the Trust work with a community through the year to complete a fall planting project and a spring clean-up and weeding session, both accompanied by educational forays and discussions on stewardship.

Our experience with restoration sites over the long term (some of our projects are more than 20 years old) allows us to predict and, if necessary, manage sites to ensure the promotion of native habitats. As well, our emphasis on community involvement and education gives us the skills to incorporate both students and volunteers in a positive fashion.