The Restoration Trust
95 Linden Street, Suite 3
Oakland, CA 94607

  1. Promoting habitat restoration and stewardship in central California since 1998
  2. Engaging community through enhancement and preservation of native landscapes
  3. Providing native habitats educational opportunities for communities & schools



The Restoration Trust is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to promoting native habitat restoration, stewardship and education in central and northern California.

Founded with the belief that restoration and education are the most effective way to protect land, the Trust actively restores and manages native habitats within local communities. Through land stewardship and community outreach the Trust helps build stronger neighborhoods and protects important resources for current and future generations. 

I know of no movement as convincing, as effective, as compassionate as the land trust movement. It is like water, seeping into the most unexpected places; rising, falling, rising, falling, filling the basins of the human heart.    

—Terry Tempest Williams, author



Volunteers plant native riparian plants long the Clayton channel, a joint project between the Trust and the Contra Costa County Flood Control District. 


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