The Restoration Trust
95 Linden Street, Suite 3
Oakland, CA 94607

The Trust has completed a series of projects with the University and the Stanford Management Group (SMG). With the university, the Trust has restored native grasslands for a variety of purposes including, creating a native grass dance floor for the annual Powwow, in association with Magic, a local non-profit. In addition, roadway edges and medians were created using community volunteers while testing a variety of native grasses. With SMG, the Trust has coordinated a series of community planting and education days centered on a native meadow SMG has restored at the Stanford Graduate student apartments. The community work was driven by the large number of children living in the apartments, an element that had not been projected when the apartments were originally designed. The meadow became a primary play area for the kids and SMG and the Trust joined together to involve and educate the families as to the importance and management of a native meadow.